SoBro Update

Many of us we saddened to learn that SoBro’s vegan biscuits and gravy option isn’t actually vegan – the gravy is, the biscuits aren’t. In addition, the bread the sandwiches are served on isn’t vegan. Albeit, in its place they offer pita bread – a tasty substitute.

On my most recent visit to SoBro Cafe the staff recognized what was vegan and what was not and were sure to accommodate us, which was a pleasantry we hadn’t had before. Although I was initially super bummed last week to learn the items I thought were vegan weren’t vegan, I am really excited and encouraged that the restaurant has realized the need to accommodate to vegans and wants*** to have more options. I am impressed that the staff has become educated on the vegan options and the management really wants to support Indianapolis veg*ns!

 ***SUPER NEWS: I spoke with the manager and we are arranging a meeting to discuss incorporating more vegan options onto the menu; as well as ways to signify what is vegan-friendly on the menu!***


Spring Break Potluck!

SAVE THE DATE: March 10th

Indy Vegans is having a Spring Break Potluck on March 10th at 3pm. The Hazel’s are opening their home for the event at 42nd and Sherman. Bring a vegan dish to share. Everyone is invited and it’s free!

Bring your own plate & utensils if you can; if not, we will have plenty to supply for you. We sure hope you can make it!

Let us know if you have any questions or need a ride. Join the Facebook event here: to discuss recipes and invite other friends! Hope you see you next week!


Restaurant Review: SoBro Cafe

Have you ever been riding your bike in your neighborhood, looking for somewhere with Wi-Fi, then happen to stumble across a newly opened cafe? Well, that’s exactly what happened when I found this Broad Ripple gem, the SoBro Cafe.

The outside of the establishment is extraordinarily inviting; it’s colorful, quaint, and fresh. Upon walking inside, you will find a bustling cafe with cute and eclectic design, and friendly staff. The first time I went inside, I was only planning to drink an iced tea and do some work, but after being offered a menu, I couldn’t resist trying the food too!

SoBro Cafe focuses on healthy homemade food that is internationally-inspired, but made from scratch right in the kitchen (save for the bread and sweet potato fries – even the ketchup is house-made!). Dishes are creative, presented well, and quite tasty! SoBro also features local beers, special wines, and displays local art that you can purchase on the spot!

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Hey everybody!

We are so stoked that you are interested in helping us create a vegan community within Indianapolis.  In the past we have made extensive (READ: frighteningly long) lists of how you can get involved with Indy Vegans.  This time around we’ll keep it simple.

We need you to help with the two main parts of Indy Vegans, events and the blog; your level of commitment is decided upon how much you want to get involved.

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Udupi / Passage to India

First let me say, Passage to India is probably the best food in Indianapolis.

Some diners at Passage to India

Everything at the restaurant is vegetarian! The service is pretty outstanding. The waitstaff are super nice and accommodating. There are always vegan options at the buffet and on the menu. The naan they bring to the table has diary, so just tell them you are vegan and they will bring you vegan naan and dosas to your table AND they will take you up to the buffet and show you which items are vegan! On the menu, vegan items are marked as such.  Read the rest of this entry »


We’re back!

Nathaniel and Bridget at Bridget's graduation from IU!

In case you hadn’t noticed Indy Vegans took almost a two month hiatus. During that time, I (Bridget), have graduated from college and temporarily relocated to Indianapolis and Nathaniel got a job working full-time at the Whole Foods on 86th St.

We’re going to try to start posting more diligently again and have some more meet-ups and another potluck! If you’re interested in volunteering, offering your home or office for an event, or just have questions for us, please shoot us an e-mail at or

Thanks for your continued support, Indy Vegans!

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