Vegan Vacation Volume 1: Akron

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Being vegan in Indianapolis can get boring sometimes, well more like Indianapolis can get boring sometimes, so every once in a while ya just gotta give it some space.  Since it is summer you might as well escape and enjoy some long car rides with friends to visit a new city!  So that’s what we did, went on a vacation, but because we are vegan… it’s a Vegan Vacation!

A couple weekends ago, Gnat and I took a little roadtrip to Akron, Ohio. My lovely mom was having a retirement party and there’s an all-vegan restaurant in Akron I wanted to show off to Gnat so I invited him to join me going home, and he accepted.

Ready to road trip!

We left from Indianapolis in the morning and drove to Columbus, Ohio where we got hungry. We hadn’t really planned out finding a rad vegan eatery so I suggested Panera or Chipotle since those are both accessible vegan-friendly places to eat. Gnat had only been to Panera once so he didn’t know they have a few really great vegan options.

Bridget and Buddy

We got the black bean soup and the Mediterranean veggie sandwich (minus the feta). They also have a garden vegetable soup that’s vegan if you ask to hold the pesto. The meal was really great. If you’re in a bind on the road and don’t want to eat Taco Bell, spend the extra few dollars to enjoy Panera or Chipotle.

After a couple more hours driving, we got to Akron. We surprised my Mom at her house and she was so happy she cried – which was adorable.  We goofed around for a bit with my pretty kitty and my Mom’s new puppy. Then we headed to downtown Akron to go to the VegiTerranean.

The VegiTerranean menu

VegiTerranean is a restaurant Chrissie Hynde (from the Pretenders) started. It’s a classy all vegan restaurant in Akron. I had been there quite a few times before, but there were a few new items added to the menu so we looked at the menu in awe for a while. Meanwhile, the waitress noted our excitement and asked if we would have anything to drink. We got the cheapest bottle of wine. Another aspect of the VegiTerranean that’s awesome is that all the wine, beer, spirits – everything! is vegan.

Our meal

Finally, we decided what we wanted to order. Gnat ordered the Mango BBQ flatbread pizza that had BBQ, sautéed onion, mango, cheese, and Gardein chicken on it. I got the Harvest Risotto, which was a creamy risotto dish with local peas, spinach, and green beans. The food was amazing. Gnat said it was the best food he ever had. It was really expensive, but it is always worth it. The appeal of VegiTerranean is that the ambiance is really unique and chic and the food is really good, so vegans and non-vegans alike are patrons of the restaurant. I think it’s interesting how the majority of their cliental isn’t vegan, yet the restaurant does really well, since the food is interesting and innovative and the ambiance is fun and fancy.

American Pride

The next day was my mom’s party. Even though most of the main dishes weren’t vegan, there was pasta and marinara we saved before cheese was added to it.  Plus there was hummus and pita, and chips and salsa for the guests. If you’re ever at a party like this and don’t have time to make something beforehand, bringing hummus and pita is a good option since people are relatively familiar with it and it’s accidently vegan. Sabra’s hummus is a party favorite. After the party, we went to see fireworks for the Fourth of July.

Hummus car party

Then we had to head back the next morning since I had to get to work. We brought the pita and hummus with us to eat in the car. If you’re on a roadtrip and not familiar with the places you are going through or have trouble finding adequate things to eat on the road, we suggest bringing snacks or meal replacements with you. Granola bars, Clif bars, pieces of fruit, and trail mix are all awesome options for car rides. Before we left Ohio, we stopped at Sheetz as well, which is a gas station that has awesome Made-to-Order food. It’s also a popular hang out spot. Unless you’ve been to Ohio, PA, or surrounding areas, you have no idea how awesome Sheetz is.

Sheetz frozen latte <3

Anyway, it was fun time. We decided we are going to make Vegan Vacation a series where we will travel to a different city and write about our experience there. Next up: Milwaukee with Ben, Bridget, Gnat, and Matt.

What’s your favorite city to eat vegan in? Are you planning a vegan vaca? – tell us about it!



We even sat outside!

Amazing Mango BBQ pizza

Awesome Creamy Risotto


  1. Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller says:

    Very hip! Thanks for all the insight and views on how to enjoy vacation while sticking to your eating habits!

  2. Thom
    Thom says:

    Hey Bridget,
    great post last week. I’m vegan and my girlfriend is glutten-free, so Chipotle has been a God-send for me on the road. Lat March, we went on a cruise that was completely vegan. I’d love to write you about it if you ever need a post.

  3. Nathaniel
    gnat says:

    hey thom send me a message at gnat .at. indyvegans .dot. com

  4. Bridget
    bridget says:

    Hi Thom!
    I’m glad you liked the post. & That’s awesome! Was it one of the VegNews cruises? Those look super cool. We would love to hear about it/have you post about it. E-mail Gnat above and we can get you set up.

    Thanks for reading! Hope to see more of you around!

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