Restaurant Review: SoBro Cafe

Have you ever been riding your bike in your neighborhood, looking for somewhere with Wi-Fi, then happen to stumble across a newly opened cafe? Well, that’s exactly what happened when I found this Broad Ripple gem, the SoBro Cafe.

The outside of the establishment is extraordinarily inviting; it’s colorful, quaint, and fresh. Upon walking inside, you will find a bustling cafe with cute and eclectic design, and friendly staff. The first time I went inside, I was only planning to drink an iced tea and do some work, but after being offered a menu, I couldn’t resist trying the food too!

SoBro Cafe focuses on healthy homemade food that is internationally-inspired, but made from scratch right in the kitchen (save for the bread and sweet potato fries – even the ketchup is house-made!). Dishes are creative, presented well, and quite tasty! SoBro also features local beers, special wines, and displays local art that you can purchase on the spot!

On my first visit I got the Venice Bench sandwich, which I’ve been craving ever since. Wheat bread is spread with hummus, then piled high with avocado, sprouts, lettuce, cucumber, and tomato. It was outstanding! The Veggie Grill sandwich is also offered during lunch, it’s made with tempeh, broccoli, mushroom, zucchini, spinach, and tahini (just be sure to forgo the goat cheese).¬†The sandwiches also come with homemade potato chips!

After my first visit, I expressed my rave review to Nathaniel, who then was determined to try SoBro. We went on a Saturday for brunch, because they have vegan biscuits and gravy!!! It was much different than I expected, but it was absolutely delicious. Halved biscuits, piled with some veggies and mushroom gravy, the result was heavenly. I would also suggest trying their Impeccable Chai, it’s home-made with black tea, infused with a myriad of spices, and mixed with soy milk. It’s extremely tasty.

Since there was still one meal of the day we hadn’t tried, tonight we went back for dinner. We both got the Peanut Sauce Temptation along with a side salad with Balsamic¬†Vinaigrette; each dinner entree comes with a side salad. Again, it was great!

Other vegan options include:

  • BBQ Lentils, just substitute rice for mashed potatoes
  • Sometimes their Soup of the Day, like the Minestrone, is vegan
  • There’s a veggie burger, The Good Burger, and it looks fantastic, but I haven’t asked if it’s vegan or not yet.

SoBro Cafe is definitely worth visiting. Times and location are listed here:

Visit their website by clicking here to view the menu and plan your trip to this highly recommended establishment, SoBro Cafe.


  1. Christopher Justice
    Christopher Justice says:

    My sister just went to this cafe on 2/26/11 and was told the biscuits are NOT vegan. Apparently they “just found out.”

    1. Bridget
      bridget says:

      Oh boy.. bummer. That stinks. We will update it. Thanks!

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